Phone Number


    We pride ourselves in our friendly demeanor and dedication to the customer. We know there’s nothing more off-putting than receiving an unfriendly reply when inquiring about a service. Hey just because we work with hammers doesn’t mean we have to be tough as nails when having a conversation.

    If you’re interested in reaching out and finding out if we’re the right fit for you, there are a few ways to contact us.

    You can contact us directly via email or use the contact form to the right.

    Or you can call or text us directly at (646) 210 9349.

    And of course we’re active on all main social media platforms. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Houzz, and like us on Facebook, to stay up-to-date on projects we are working on and ideas that might inspire you!

    So go ahead! Ask us your questions or consult with us on your dreams! No job is too big or small and no dream is too wild. Look forward to hearing from you!